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We are incredibly proud and grateful for our partnerships and collaborations with sponsors, horse owners and suppliers. 


Sweden's most chosen horse insurance. Agria supports talents through Agria Eventing Academy.


Swedish Eclipse Biofarmab develops and produces high-quality feed supplements and care products. 


The team are profile riders for the national facilities Strömsholm and Flyinge and competes for SRF

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BORSTIQ FARM manufactures a wide range of high-quality grooming products for you and your horse.

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Italian Safe Riding's ambition is to offer riders of all levels a safe, comfortable and elegant riding gear.


Platform for syndicated investments in sports horses. Two of the teams horses are owned through GREAT GAITS.

Join our journey

Become part of our team


Do you have a potential eventing horse?

Do you have a horse that shows great potential to become a good eventing horse? Or do you have a horse that has already started to prove itself and are interested in a long term collaboration? You are most welcome to contact us, as we are constantly looking for new promising talents.

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Want to own a
eventing horse?

Are you interested in sports? Do you like horses? Do you like speed, excitement and adrenaline? Then Eventing is something for you! As a horse owner in our team, you are part of a professional elite effort and a journey towards the biggest championships such as the Olympics, WC and EC.


and collaborations

In order to reach our goals, both short- and long-term, as a team and as individuals, we need to focus our time and resources on our athletic careers. This means that we are actively looking for sponsors and partners who can support us on our journey towards the world elite. 

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